The videos below are designed to explain financial topics in a way that’s entertaining and easy to understand.  Click on a video to play the content.

You can also view interviews with some of our Private Clients to find out what they think about Becketts, and their advisers.

Overview of Beckett Investment Management

This video outlines the different ways our firm can help you.

Social Impact Portfolio

Learn about some of the myths surrounding ethical investing and the merits of Beckett Asset Management?s Social Impact Portfolio.

Income Protection

Gareth Carroll and Richard Jones explore group income protection.

Cash Plan Case Study

Healthcare Consultants Clare Mayhew and Gareth Carroll discuss how the provision of a Cash Plan provided a better solution for a company’s employee benefits.

Group Risk Case Study

Richard Jones and Gareth Carroll discuss a recent group risk case, and the benefit to an SME of writing this business on an insurer’s online platform.

How Default Pensions Work

Most people rely on their pension provider’s default fund to save for their retirement and this video explains how a typical default pension fund works – and what options are available to you.

Utilising Tax Allowances To Provide Tax-Efficient And Sustainable Income

The main purpose of retirement planning is to make sure that the savings you have built up during your working life will be able to deliver an acceptable level of income. This video looks at what tax allowances you can utilise each year to provide income that is tax-efficient and sustainable. We will assume you have no other income.

Tax Relief On Your Pension

People who pay into a Defined Contribution pension plan can benefit from tax relief and this video explains how tax relief works, and the different types available.

The advantages of putting your money into an Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)

An Individual Savings Account, commonly known as an ISA, is a special kind of savings account in which all earnings are protected from tax. This video explains the advantages of putting your money into an ISA and looks at the options available to you.

Venture Capital Trusts

People who?ve reached the limit of their pension savings through the lifetime or annual allowance may be tempted to invest in Venture Capital Trusts and this video explains how they work.

Salary Sacrifice

A salary sacrifice arrangement is often used in connection with pension arrangements because it can result in higher take-home pay due to savings in national insurance, without any loss in pension contributions. This video explains how it works by looking at an example.

Business Protection

You may already have insurance that protects your company against catastrophic events but have you considered the impact of losing your most important business asset? you or your key employees? With the right business protection arrangements in place, you are more likely to keep your company running, and this video explains the options available to you.

Tax Allowances

Valid for the 2017-2018 tax year, this video helps you understand what tax allowances you are entitled to including your personal allowance, Married allowance, Rent-a-Room scheme, etc. Using all your entitlements means you can take advantage of more than £25,000 of allowances before having to pay tax.

Tapered Allowance

This video explains the Tapered Allowance system and the potential impact it can have on anyone earning more than £110,000.

What Happens To Your Pension When You Die

This cartoon shows what happens to your pension when you die. It explains who might inherit it and how much tax they might have to pay, if any.

Employee Assistance Programmes

Employee Assitance Programmes are becoming increasingly popular and this video explains how Canada Life?s EmployeeCare video operates.

Death In Service Schemes

Many employees benefit from Death-in-Service schemes and this video explains why it?s so important to keep your Expression Of Wish form up to date with details of whom should benefit in the event of your death.

Cash Plans

Cash plans are a very popular way for employers to provide medical cover for their employees and this video is designed to help you understand how they work.