Engagement Multiplier

Engagement Multiplier®

Engagement Multiplier® is a software programme that employers can use to obtain an objective understanding of how their employees feel about their reltationship with their employer. It is designed to track and increase employee engagement, and it accomplishes this by delivering an anonymous survey to the people in your team.
The survey uses a core set of questions that will establish the truth on how you, as a business, are performing against your people/engagement strategies. These questions are based on the over 25 years of the Founder?s experience, and these core questions never change. There are optional ?custom? questions that can be added if required and clients have full control over these.
Once employees have completed their survey, the results are analysed and you will be provided with a customised Engagement Report based on the results.  It will give you top level insights that show where your organisation is best engaged and, more importantly, where you should be focusing your attention.
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Engagement Multiplier® and Beckett?s

Beckett?s uses Engagement Multiplier® because we understand the importance of having employees who feel engaged with our firm.  We also demonstrate it to our clients and any other company who is interested because we believe that it complements our holistic approach to employee benefits.
If you would like to find out more about how employee engagement can help your organisation, or how Engagement Multiplier® can help facilitate it, please contact Nicola Prince on 01284 754500 or email.