Risk Management

Different people have different attitudes to risk. You need to be clear about the degree of risk you are willing to accept before undertaking any kind of investment.
It is likely that during the early years of investing you might be prepared to take a higher risk strategy to maximise returns for the long term.
But as your life changes through the landscape of big purchases, family, grandchildren and great grandchildren; the investment risks you?re prepared to take, and want to take, are likely to have changed when retirement nears; compared to those at the start of your investment journey.
It?s therefore understandable that you may want to concentrate on trying to preserve the returns you have achieved so you can plan for your financial future with greater certainty.
Beckett Wealth Management Service supports asset allocation, investment selection and risk management. It offers an actively managed and flexible framework, with specialist resources and tools available, all designed to help you to achieve your investment potential.