Asset allocation

We believe that asset allocation is the foundation of investment advice, as it is crucial in keeping your investments in line with your risk-return expectations.
Asset allocation matters because different types of investment perform in different ways. In very general terms, investments that are inherently ?riskier?, should provide the best returns over the long term, but they will also be the most volatile. Whilst investments that are considered ?less riskier? can perform at a steady pace but with moderate returns.
Combining different types of investment via asset allocation in a portfolio can help to even out these swings in value; especially if they are ?non-correlated? (i.e. their prices have no bearing on each other).
Our team of experts aims to help you achieve your investment potential, making the most of your investment returns while taking into account your attitude to investment risk.
We do this by focusing on asset allocation, investment selection and risk management across all the products in your portfolio. Asset allocation is about creating an overall portfolio that is right for you and has the most effective combination of investments from the various asset classes available.