Wealth Management

If you?re looking at your financial situation with an eye on the future, you will already be aware that there is a need for ?Financial planning? or ‘Wealth Management’.
Financial planning is the process of identifying the goals you want to achieve in life and devising a plan for your finances to help achieve them. Your aim might be to help pay for your children?s higher education or provide a comfortable retirement income. Whatever your goal, financial planning can help you reach it.
Our experienced team of Asset Managers will meet with you to discuss the changing tax and investment climate and how best to structure your assets to meet your financial objectives. Following this initial meeting, a Beckett Asset Management?s portfolio manager will actively run your portfolio with a view to achieving your investment objectives, whilst negotiating the volatility of financial markets.
While you?re afforded the peace of mind of knowing your financial future is in safe hands, we?ll meet with you regularly to discuss your investment portfolio, presenting you with an annual review.

What?s the cost?

All fees for our professional services will be agreed with you in advance along with the way in which they are paid. The cost will ultimately be dependent on which service level you decide you require from us.

Existing clients

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