Personal Financial Planning

Ensuring your finances fit your life

Our specialist advisers provide individuals with a range of advice based services encompassing:
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  • Investment planning
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement planning

Communicating in a language that everyone can understand, we adopt a highly personal approach reflecting individual needs and circumstances. We never impose standardised packaged solutions because circumstances and requirements are never the same between any two clients.
On matters relating to legal and taxation advice we work closely with other professional advisers to ensure you receive advice appropriate to your circumstances and needs.

Below you?ll find our three levels of advice service:

[acc_item title=”Wealth Management Programme”]As with all our services, our main aim is to identify your financial objectives. This level of service starts by completing our Fact Find questionnaire and discussing in depth exactly what your financial planning requirements are, coupled with your financial aspirations. The wealth management service incorporates the services of Beckett Asset Management, who are a separate trading firm specialising in the management of client investment through a range of investment portfolios. This service provides you with a combination of high quality financial planning, combined with a Discretionary Fund Management Service which provides active investment management and coordination between the two. This service also comes with an agreed review programme tailored to your particular needs.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Advisory Service”]This service provides the opportunity for us to discuss in depth your financial needs and objectives and allows us to provide a comprehensive financial plan to help you achieve your goals. We are able to build into this level of service regular review periods when we can get together to make sure your plans are still on track or change the plan if you have a change of circumstances.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Transactional Advice”]This service provides clients with the ability to receive advice and planning where there is no further intention for this advice or service to continue. For example, you may just require advice in one particular area of financial planning such as investment planning or pension. We will complete a full Fact Find with your permission or, alternatively, focus our attention on that one specific area as chosen by you. We will provide a written report concentrating our research and advice on that specific subject. Where we agree an on-going service with you, the adviser will discuss this with you, indicating the different on-going service levels available to you. [/acc_item]

What?s the cost?

All fees for our professional services will be agreed with you in advance along with the way in which they are paid. The cost will ultimately be dependent on which service level you decide you require from us.

Existing clients

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