Global Thematic View For New Portfolio

Global Thematic View For New Portfolio

A new investment strategy has been launched by Beckett Asset Management to cater for investors who are comfortable with higher levels of volatility and risk in order to seek attractive potential long-term returns.

The Global Horizon portfolio has a very long investment horizon and will be invested in global equity funds with only a small amount of cash to cover fees and small liquidity needs.

The portfolio is currently positioned to benefit from a number of key themes including Technology and Healthcare.  “We believe these themes have long-term secular tailwinds given the changing nature of the world around us and the way we live our lives,” said BAM Associate Director Samantha Owen.

“We have also utilised the expertise of Pictet to invest across a broader range of thematic opportunities via their Global Megatrend fund. Alongside this we also have material weights to Global Small Cap equities and Emerging Market equities as attractive engines of long-term returns for the portfolio,” added Samantha.

The model will be benchmarked for both risk and returns against the IA Global sector (Global Equity funds).

Philip James
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