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Why We're An Employer Of Choice

For financial professionals, graduates, or people looking for a career change, you can enjoy a variety of valuable benefits working at Beckett's. You can join us, and jump aboard the Beckett bus, by filling in your details in the form at the bottom of the page. Why Becketts Is An Employer Of Choice

What It's Like To Work At Beckett's

  • Between handing in my notice at my previous role  and actually joining Beckett’s people began to ask me where I would be working.  I only ever heard nice things such as;  “they are a good company to work for”;  “they are renowned for head hunting talented people and bringing out the best in them” so I was confident I was making a good move.  Having been here two months;  I can honestly say I have been made to feel welcome by everyone,  I have been encouraged, nurtured and supported and I am well on my way to working independently, with a plan for final sign off within the current calendar year. I would recommend Beckett Financial Services for anyone considering a career in Employee Benefits Consulting.
    Melana Shickle
  • Since commencing with Becketts, I have been supported by the all of the staff, who have been more than welcoming & made me feel part of team from my first day. I have settled in to the role & gained an understanding of the different requirements and working practices & built relationships & trust with existing clients. The Kibworth office is a great place to work and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of people to work with, who have all taken the time to support me. I would recommend anyone looking for a career in financial services who wants to work in a friendly environment to apply to Becketts.
    Sarah Burton
  • Since joining, I have found working for Beckett Financial Services to be a very positive experience, with all of the team being very supportive and willing to assist with any queries I have had. It is clear that Beckett Financial Services strives to be a progressive company that is keen to provide the best service for both clients and staff. This, together with an excellent benefits package, makes them a very good company to work for and one I would recommend to anyone looking to pursue a career in financial services.
    Helen Johnson
  • I have worked at Becketts for almost four months and, already, I have had the opportunity to start learning through the CII, which is great for people that want to progress in their careers. I work within an experienced and supportive team that are always willing to answer questions - even if they are busy! They treat every question as an opportunity to help you learn more about their role. I feel very lucky to work at such a great company.
    Leonie Rabey
  • I have been at Beckett's for several weeks now, working in their Healthcare division in Kibworth, Leicesteshire,  and I am learning something new everyday. A thoroughly professional company to work for and a great bunch of people to work with.
    Tina Varambhia
  • I was looking to join a firm that would allow me develop myself and open up new opportunities to me, and Becketts seemed like the perfect place to do so. Since I have joined I have felt welcomed by everyone, and already feel like a firm member of the team.  Views are welcomed by the management and they take a real interest in what you have to say.
    I have never felt more important at a company than I do here.
    I would recommend Becketts to anyone who is looking to develop themselves whilst also working in a friendly and positive environment.
    Joel Brett
  • I have already recommended several people to join Beckett Financial Services in various roles. As an employee, I have never felt more important to a company; my suggestions are heard and encouraged, and the level of support I have been provided - both professional and personal - has been incredible.
    Martin Moore
  • Part of the reason for me joining Beckett Financial Services was the prospects they offer and the chance to really develop myself.

    As well as that, since being here I have  realised what a really positive atmosphere there is around the office.

    I would recommend anyone looking to move forward in their career in a professional and friendly environment to apply here.
    Sam Brett

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